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Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation.

Where do we stand for?

Our mission and vision is make Tang Soo Do available for everyone. We want to distinguish ourselves from other Tang Soo Do federations through easy accessible, affordable and be fair and be transparent to all affiliated school members. We will ensure that things will happen as honestly as possible and the rules both legally as our own rules are followed as closely as possible.

Together with affiliated members we will practice Tang Soo Do in a fun and active way. This will be achieved by organizing championships, training for Gup and Dan grades.

A national examination for Dan grade, where dedication, knowledge and progress will be tested. A moment where you can show what you can. An exam that will be approached with a positive mind with respect and brotherhood.

Our manuals for both Gup and Dan will be written in understandable language. Theory exam will be adapted to grade and age.
Championship will be open to anyone who cares about Tang Soo Do, as long as the rules are followed edited by the Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation.


Tang Soo Do Bond

The Federation is founded by  Bauke en Marja Dijkstra

The Federation is registered af the Chamber of Commerce under number 65032306 

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