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tang soo do bond

Het emblem of the Federation is a distraction of the emblem of Tang Soo Do School Jip Kye Sohn, the founders of the Federation.
In the centre of the logo are two open hands, these are claw hands (Jip Kye Sohn), a technique to use the hands.
The open hands also means that there will be reached out to people. It stands for greeting each other with respect, but also roll up their sleeves: work hard.
In the middle are two Tang Soo Do practiners, who learn the Art of Tang Soo Do, and making a jumping kick; what is the characteristic nature of Tang Soo Do.

The Korean flag represents where Tang Soo Do is coming from. The Dutch flag is where the founders of the Tang Soo Do Federation come from.

In between are the characters that means in Korean “Tang Soo Do”, and in Chinese Mandarin “karate” also called “The Empty Hand”; also a symbol for unarmed defending with hands and feet.

The inner circle is blue, this means you will continue until you have reach your goal (the black belt). At the Moo Duk Kwan the black belt is blue(midnight blue). The outer circle is red. This stands for fellowships and brotherhood. It stands for togetherness and alliance with one another the “Tang Soo Do Family” .

It is also the color red of the Ying an Yang (Um) symbol from the Korean flag what womanhood means. The eternity of the circle indicates you never stop learning.


Tang Soo Do Bond

The Federation is founded by  Bauke en Marja Dijkstra

The Federation is registered af the Chamber of Commerce under number 65032306 

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