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The founders of "The Federation"

Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation is an initiative of Bauke and Marja Dijkstra. Both have the 4th Master grade Tang Soo Do. They have done their education at various organizations and have trained under and with several Grandmasters.

After earning their 1st Dan they have founded their own Tang Soo Do School Jip Kye Sohn in 2000. This was located in Sneek and in 2005 they also started in Harlingen. In Harlingen Tang Soo Do begun to grow and in 2015 they decided to started in an second location in Harlingen. Unfortunately, by return of members they quit in july 2014 at the location in Sneek.

More information about their school Jip Kye Sohn you can founnd on their website at the Tang Soo Do School Jip Kye Sohn (dutch).
Serving under Grandmaster J.C. Shin they participated in several international Master and Leadership clinics in Delft, Munich, Athens, Cambridge, Franeker, Delft and Cardiff. The Master and Leadership clinic in Franeker was all organized by them. This event took several Masters from Europe and America.

The founders also participated in several national and international championships and have won several award. During these competions they have also been referee and head referee.
Both founders have a lot experience in teaching to both adults as children. They have a lot of empathy to children who need special attention. On their website www.sportenmet.frl (dutch) you can read more about this.
In the everyday life Marja is working as a QA and QC Quality Control in the food business. Bauke is as an instructor attached to a High School.


Tang Soo Do Bond

The Federation is founded by  Bauke en Marja Dijkstra

The Federation is registered af the Chamber of Commerce under number 65032306 

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