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What do we have to offer as Federation

The Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation is a high professional organization who is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 65032306. The goal of this Federation is to spread the Korean Martial Arts of Tang Soo Do. This will be achieved by educating beginning students to Black Belt and by educating instructors. If possible we will cooperate with other Tang Soo Do organizations that practice de Martial Arts of Korean Tang Soo Do to exchange knowledge and to increase techniques.

In many organizations to need to meet several additional financial and other requirements to move forward to a higher grade. We do not find this necessary. Tang Soo Do should be fun and stay fun, and that is why the enjoyment comes first. All decisions will be considered in a democratic way.

We practice Traditional Korean Art of Tang Soo Do, as it is given for many centuries. The basis of this art is defined by Grandmaster Hwang Kee. We try to follow the teaching of our last Grandmaster and Mentor J.C. Shin, but are also open to the theory of other Tang Soo Do grandmasters.

For instructors we have developed a special teaching program where not only the technical knowledge of Tang Soo Do is important, but we also find the pedagogical side important.

The Federation will organize regular training for Black Belts and instructors to refine techniques and knowledge. For gup grades we will also organizing an annual training to enhance the fellowship and get students acquainted with other parts and techniques.

The Federation will organize championships for Gup and Dan grades. Championships organizes by the Federation will be open for non-affiliated Tang Soo Do Schools provide they respect the competition rules of the Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation.

Each year there will be one or several Dan exams organized, if necessary. Gup exams may be organizes by the individual school, even as often as necessary.
The Federation guarantees the memberships administration of the affiliated schools, issuing memberships card, a Gup and Dan manual written in understandable language and an official recognized Federation diploma. The Federation will be taking care that affiliated schools with their members, black belts and instructors will meet the high standards of the Federation.

News, events etc. will be announced via newsletters or the website. Location of affiliated schools will be mentioned on the website and affiliated schools and their member may make himself known as a member of the Dutch Tang Soo Do Federation.

The federation shall display Professionalism, brotherhood and Tradition and will be working together based on friendship, transparency and honesty.

The Federation can give support by making a website for the own Tang Soo Do School. Master Bauke is experienced in creating and maintaining a website in Joomla and is familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimalization or the findability by example of Google). He has already made several website including: Tang Soo Do School Jip Kye Sohn Sport in Harlingen, Sporten met....  Tang Soo Do Federation.

If you and your School can find in our philosophy and want to join a Federation who is will to listento you? Please contact us.


Tang Soo Do Bond

The Federation is founded by  Bauke en Marja Dijkstra

The Federation is registered af the Chamber of Commerce under number 65032306 

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