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Belt systeem

The Tang Soo Do belt system, indicates he progress from white to black belt, and stands for the period of the seasons. Each color indicates a particular season. In this way, there is the connection to the nature and it give the important ideas of the Oriental way of thinking, Such as the seed has to grow, grown up, and die and leave seed for new plants.

White, the belt color of the beginner.
This is the simple period of practice, such as the seed that is hiding under the snow in the winter..



Green is represents the prosperous development of the youth as the summer begins. The students will understand techniques better.


Brown represents power, perseverance, skill, weight and wisdom, self-assurance and wisdom. This is a strong period as well mentally as physically, similar to the plants that reduce their growth and prepare to bloom in the late summer.


Red represents blood, life, energy , attention and control. The power and techniques of the students is getting better.

Dark Blue

Dark Blue represents maturity, respect and honor. Much has already been achieved and the student is (almost) at the ultimate goal of Tang Soo Do. The power and techniques is improved significantly. The Dark Blue Belt is awarded to the Cho Dan Bo of candidate for the Black Belt. The students must be mentally and physically prepare for the last step needed to achieved the Black Belt.


Black represents control, calmness, dignity, sincerity. The Black belt is the end stage of a life period (Gup degrees) and the beginning of the next goal to the Dan degrees. We do not see the end of a period, but more important the beginning of a way that leads to the ranks of the higher graduate Black Belt: The Mastery.

Graduation band                                           minimum   required time
10th gup White beginner
9 gup White with orange slip 6 weeks
8 gup Orange 3 months
7th gup Orange with green skid 4 months
6 gup Green 6 months
5th gup Green with brown slip 9 months
4th gup Brown 12 months
3 gup Brown with red slip 15 months
2 gup Red 18 months
1 the gup Red with blue slip 21 months
Cho Dan Bo Dark blue 24 months
(Black Belt candidate)


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